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Corona Will Face Everyone Together

After the devastation around the world, the Coronavirus is fastening its claws in all over the countries too. With each passing day, the number of people infected is increasing. Long before we took security measures, the present government, like the crocodile governments, has shown traditional cheapness and carelessness. Instead of …

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Corona and Johns Hopkins University the USA

The Corona Virus has also been disturbed all over the world and has been implicated in various infections. The most dangerous self-made social media posts, treatments, vaccines, and other rumors, wrong numbers are being given to the public; they fear that further treatment will cause further damage to the scalp, …

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99% Protection from Corona Virus

Through a video link, Dr. David Price answered people’s questions about the Coronavirus. Dr. Price is treating coronary cirrhosis patients at the Intensive Care Unit of New York’s premier care unit. How This Virus Entered In the Body: According to Dr. Price, Crohn’s virus is usually infected with a hand, …

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