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Murder of democracy in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra, the BJP panicked President Raj. It is important to know what would happen if President Raj was not traced? His background is that on the day Aditya Thackeray had to make his claim with the governor, suddenly a shocking news began circulating on newspaper portals and television channels. It was reported that Sanjay Rawat, a senator from Shiv Sena in Peshawar, was admitted to the hospital due to a heart attack. At first it was considered as coincidence that when the whole of India was stuck on television to hear the decision of the Babri Masjid, the Prime Minister suddenly appeared and his speech on Kartapur corridor started broadcasting. Why do they happen to people? And are these coincidences or part of the plan? It is worth considering these questions. Because of the reports of farmers’ suicides that have been held for two years, it appears on the day that Mujaddia Janakaya reports that on an average thirty farmers are committing suicide every day on the same day the media is confused with Ram Janmabhoomi and Kartarpur. In this way, the media’s attention is taken away by these bitter facts. It seems as though the government is sitting in the court, Jyotish is serving (literally) the cost of removing the auspiciousness of all these works.

Why did he do such a fool?

The secret of Sanjay Rawat’s heart attack came when Aditya Thackeray sought a three-day deadline instead of giving Congress and NCP support letters to the governor. It was like the last Mughal adventurer Shah Zafar’s ‘Four Days of Umrah’ which was rejected by the former BJP chief minister. They didn’t expect anything else. Shiv Sena did not have the name of Congress in its letter to the press. The NCP was scheduled to continue the talks. Who knew that when the next day of conversation would come, the letter of the governor’s offer would be in the hands of the NCP. The people or the Shiv Sena did not know this, but the BJP did not know it. He had a press conference at seven and a half. It was first postponed and canceled. In this way, Devendra Fadnavis, who is chanting slogans for returning to the chief minister’s chair, could not even attend the press conference.

Maharashtra Development a murder of Democracy

Aditya Thackeray and Devendra Fadnavis are actually children in politics ahead of Sharad Pawar and Sonia Gandhi. Her parents made Shiv Sena a goat. First, he dreamed of a chief minister’s chair. He then persuaded the BJP to break its ties. The bitterness between the two continued to escalate until Shiv Sena’s minister Arvind Savant resigned from the central government and the NDA’s cynicism came out. This was a major shock to the central government but since the BJP has a majority on its own bill, the NDA’s 5 percent loss was ignored. However, gold scissors have been cut on those who spread such news.

Murder of Democracy

After the saffron parrot was completely locked in its cage, it was hoped that it would taste the support, but it did not. When it was time to go to the governor, Aditya had neither the NCP nor the Congress support letter. A six-inch chest can be the Prime Minister of India, but a 5-member Assembly cannot be made the Chief Minister. If this compulsion were from the BJP, then Governor Bhagat Singh Koshari would have given him three days or thirty days’ respite. Because his own man is finally his own man, but Shiv Sena’s uprising was so fresh that it cannot be ignored. The BJP’s Chanakya would not have apologized to the government if he had known it, but this time Sharad Pawar threw down Amit Shah’s nullah and the unthinkable Gujrat Kesri, who has begun to consider himself a ritual. Done. The Shiv Sena Poor is no longer living or wandering the house. She is standing in a closed street with Ajit Pawar at the front and Devendra Fadnavis at the back. It has become compulsory to support Ajit Pawar. Otherwise the Shiv Sena will be broken and the BJP will form a government with the help of its rebels.

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