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In the flood, the nation is deprived of the means of politics

The trials and temptations that the nation suffers from the devastation of the flood have never been related to such trials and tests, but it is still praiseworthy that this nation goes through such trials and trials with its high zeal and courage. His example will continue to be given for centuries, so here in this troubled situation when this same Pakistani nation looks at its rulers.

What are the major caused for conflicts over water?

At a time when the whole of Pakistan is suffering from the worst loss of history due to the devastation of the floods, the rulers, politicians, ministers of state and religious and political leaders who have made the national treasury far more distressed than the troubled masses. You also have to create the substance of patience and patience within yourself and control your emotions by listening to the criticisms and other abusive words and phrases from the people who are disturbed by the flood or else that is what the people want. And the public wants the rulers and politicians to reverse public criticism He said some politicians have used the power of the fears being expressed that he be placed in a state of civil war across the planet’s rulers and politicians and baggage round.

Concept of National Security

Although it is an open fact that the world has recognized that the worst flood in the history of Pakistan, which has come from one corner of the country from July 28 to the other, is no example of the catastrophe that has been witnessed in the history of the world. The United Nations report and an estimated two million people have been affected so far, so it is surprising that this horrific flood is increasing with the passage of time and as it turns toward the Arabian Sea. Concerns about further catastrophes are mounting, even though this century’s deadliest flood is heard these days. AH is spreading its catastrophe and until it completely collapses in the Arabian Sea, fears of further catastrophe cannot be ruled out in any way. While the destruction of the crop and the loss of human lives are in addition to the clock.

Facing Water Shortage

On the other hand, it is certainly a matter of hope for troubled flood victims that the International Commission for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, European Commissioner for Criminal Response, Krasnalanjarjeva, announced an additional € 30m in emergency relief assistance for Pakistan’s flood victims. According to the news, the total funds allocated by the Commission for the flood victims have reached 70 million euros. At the same time, in a very important meeting of its kind, presided over by. Reviewed and unanimously decided to prepare a list of the families affected by the flood on an emergency basis and to provide Rs 20,000 per flood affected family in this regard immediately Rs. 5,000 to the flood affected families. An immediate decision has been made to give the first installment.

The contradiction between the words and actions of the government?

While the government is trying to make public the impression that every second of the news on national newspapers and state-owned private TV channels in the wake of the most devastating flood of its kind in the country, That is, the government is doing everything possible to help flood victims. Not a single dollar has been received in cash. What a common man in this scene and background would not understand. It says something on the media, the facts are quite the opposite. Elsewhere, the government’s duplicity should not be taken away.

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