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99% Protection from Corona Virus

Through a video link, Dr. David Price answered people’s questions about the Coronavirus. Dr. Price is treating coronary cirrhosis patients at the Intensive Care Unit of New York’s premier care unit.

How This Virus Entered In the Body:

According to Dr. Price, Crohn’s virus is usually infected with a hand, and when a person touches the face, the virus enters the body through the eyes, nose, or mouth.

The disease is completely contagious;

Spreading through the air is very rare. For example, if a person stays in a closed room close to the corona patient for fifteen to thirty minutes without taking protective measures, he is likely to be infected with the Coronavirus through the air. The prevalence of the disease is near them: contamination of the objects from the patient’s droplet, then attach to the hand and then touch off the face of the hands;

Ways to Break it:

There are two ways to break it.

The first way:

Be a “handy handyman” and focus all of your focus on the movements of the hand, where does he touch his hand, and what objects does his hand touch? Looking at the activities of the hand will tell when, where, and how the germ is contaminated. It is often seen that our hands are sterile, and we do not even know. We put them on the face with a clear feel. According to Dr. Price, the first method is to detect hand pollution and wash hands immediately.

The other way:

Humans should consider when, why, and what part of the face does he apply? In 2015, Mary Louise MacAulas conducted a study at North South well University, Australia, in which a video recording of the movements of twenty-six medical students was found, and on average, each student touches the face twenty-three times an hour. The study further found that the hand touched forty-four percent of the eyes, nose, and mouth and sixty-six percent of the face. The study also revealed that thirty-six percent of the time, the mouth, twenty-nine percent of the nose, and twenty-seven percent of the time, the eye was touched, and six percent of these three or both parts were touched.

Some Tips to overcome from this Virus:

There are some practical tips to overcome this habit that can be achieved by adopting it.


The right hand should be used to do all the work, and the left hand should be placed just and only to make a face wrinkle.


Make a special face-painting mask for the face. Such masks are already used by people involved in illegal activities. It also causes the head to fall and if glasses are applied in place of the eye holes and a fine mesh on the nasal hole that can prevent particles and germs, and the mask goes down the chin. The mask should be raised just above the nose when eating or drinking water, and after eating it, it should be lowered again and renamed as “Corona Controlling Cap” or Triple C only.

If such a mask was made by a company, its use could be overcome by preventing tampering with the faces of the hands.


Ordinary masks that are applied to the nose and mouth. It can be used to prevent tampering with the face of the hand by applying large numbers of zeros to the eye.


Another little note is to apply red pepper or green pepper on the toes. This way, you will not only know which part of the face you are irritating but also the irritation of the peppers that you will definitely think twice before moving the hand again.


Consider different parts of the hand. It does not use the whole hand to irritate the face, but only the fingers. Not even the entire fingers, but the next one is shredded. Not all fingers are evenly used. Research has shown that humans use the index finger (index finger) most, and the little finger (pinky finger) is the least.

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