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Corona and Johns Hopkins University the USA

The Corona Virus has also been disturbed all over the world and has been implicated in various infections. The most dangerous self-made social media posts, treatments, vaccines, and other rumors, wrong numbers are being given to the public; they fear that further treatment will cause further damage to the scalp, with no biological conspiracy. And any American war. Someone is talking about the importance of the Israeli war and de-pavilion because the EU itself wants the world population to decrease in the face of rising global warming and the worsening economic situation.

Johns Hopkins University, Washington’s leading research and teaching agency that does the most research on the Coronavirus, has issued a guideline for keeping homes safe and secure from the Coronavirus.

The Johns Hopkins University professor’s alert states that the Coronavirus is not a living thing, but rather a rhythmic molecule or protein molecule, which has a protective layer of fat or lipid that protects the human eye, mouth, or body. Nasal secretions or mucus cells become aggressively growing cells by attaining their reproductive or reproductive traits.

Can the Corona Virus Be Eliminated?

It cannot be killed by being a living molecule rather than a living thing, but it ends up being trapped. However, the duration of the sewage treatment depends on the temperature, humidity, and nature of the area around it.

How do they soak it?

If it was a virus, it would be very poor. However, tearing its fine protective layer made of fat may force it to collapse. A soap or detergent foam is best suited for this work, where rubbing it for twenty (20) or more seconds cuts the layer of fat and removes the rhythmic solvent.

Does using hot water break it down quickly?

Heat melts the fat quickly, so it is best to wash your hands, clothes, and other items with soap or detergent foam with warm water at temperatures over 25 degrees (slightly higher than semi-hot). Hot water makes foam even more, so it is more beneficial to use.

Can alcohol break its protective membrane even with water?

Alcohol or a mixture containing 65% alcohol also melts its protective layer, except that it is well applied.

Can bleach be removed even with water?

One part of bleach and five parts water combined with all such places. Especially the door handle, remote, cellphone, mouse, laptop top, tabletop, or all non-living spaces where a virus is not possible. People touch them in their normal life and even spray well on them breaks their protective membrane.

Does excessive oxygen mixing water even kill it?

Excessive oxygen-rich water (oxygenated water – such as life-to-water) can also break the virus’s protective membranes but not with the same strength as soap, alcohol, or chlorine, as well as water that damages your skin. And it must also be pure.

What can antibiotics and antibiotics do to break it down?

Antibiotics are not effective in eliminating it, because the virus is not unlike the germ, while antibiotics work to kill the bacteria.

How long does it last at any level?

Do not wrap or shake unused or unused clothing as it can stick to the skin for up to three hours without any moist surface (on your skin), followed by cloth and moisturizer from your skin. Ends with It can stick for up to four hours on copper, twenty-four hours on cardboard, forty-two hours on metal, and fine hours on plastic.

Can it even exist in the air?

It can stay in the air for up to three hours by shaking the things mentioned above or cleaning them with wings, and in the meantime, you can get in close to your nose. ۔

What kind of environment is this harmful?

The virus is very stable in the cooling of natural or air conditioners, as well as staying in darkness and moisture for a long time, so a dry, warm and bright environment helps to eliminate it.

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