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Corona Will Face Everyone Together

After the devastation around the world, the Coronavirus is fastening its claws in all over the countries too. With each passing day, the number of people infected is increasing. Long before we took security measures, the present government, like the crocodile governments, has shown traditional cheapness and carelessness. Instead of learning the lesson wrongly, more mistakes were made as usual by some ministers who were extremely irresponsible. He has made rhetoric; we have never learned from mistakes, whether he is our politician, our ruler, or we are the people.

Outbreak of the Coronavirus:

Now let’s talk a bit about the public, where many of our shortcomings have been identified after the outbreak of the Coronavirus. It has also been proven that we are an irresponsible and irresponsible nation, and ignorance is in us. My words may be harsh and may even be offensive to the nature of many people, but this is a fact that cannot be denied. Not ready to adapt. We see the devastation of Italy, France, the United States, and Iran, saying that nothing happens.

How to control the coronation Virus Spreading in the World:

As a well-educated student, I would say that controlling the coronation of Johns Hopkins University or China is, of course, the most precautionary measure. Be careful, follow the government’s instructions to be a responsible citizen, and do whatever is necessary for your society. Help, this alliance is inevitable in the face of a crisis in the hands of our institutions, plus social media treatment, rather than rumors, prefer authentic media, scientists in the world of history – for the first time The last book of Allah is bound to grow not just for Muslims but for all human beings in the world. It is a fact-based book. I wish the Muslims, too, would understand the true spirit of Islam and make it an example for the nations, not to take advantage of the nation, in the form of satirical obscenities. Make people aware of them all the time.

Does it exist even in the harsh sun?

Ultraviolet rays (ultraviolet rays – UV rays), even after a few minutes of direct sunlight, will eventually dissipate. Therefore, the face masks can also be reused after thoroughly washing the detergent and teaching it in the sun. However, exposure to ultraviolet rays on your skin can lead to wrinkles and rapid cancer.

Can it even enter our bodies from human skin?

With healthy skin, the virus cannot enter the human body.

Can vinegar water even break it down?

Vinegar is not useful in eliminating it because it cannot break its fat-forming membrane.

Can you keep a home well-protected from it?

It grows more in a place that is not airy, while in open space, it is less likely to stay longer.

Should you wash your hands thoroughly before doing anything?

It is stated right before touching the mouth, nose, eye, food, locks, keys, notes, coins, door handles, power buttons, remote control, mobile phone, clock, computer, desk, TV, etc. And after washing the hands thoroughly after coming from the washroom.

What can remain in a hand dryer?

Wash your hand drying device thoroughly, keeping it moist as it can even sit on its door.

Does it stay in our nails too?

Yes, of course. Cut your nails regularly so that the nails don’t match.

And according to the American journal, it has three possible solutions to this global outbreak. First – the entire world should be locked down by one policy, leaving the other. The country should try to minimize the harm,

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