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How is the outbreak possible against Viruses such as, Corona?

How does the Coronavirus Disease Spread:

Ever since the Corona virus was punished, the whole world has been affected by the seriousness of the situation. The Saudi government has asked Muslim countries to refrain from contracting for pilgrimage in the wake of the rapidly spreading virus. Historically in the past, there have been barriers to conducting Hajj. Historical references show that Hajj has been affected many times due to outbreaks, raids on Mecca, and razor attacks on pilgrims. At 1000 AH, the pilgrimage could not be held due to rising travel costs and other problems.

History of outbreak from Plagues:

History also shows that the outbreak of the plague of India in 1831 killed two-thirds of pilgrims, the number of which is reported in thousands, which affected the payment of Hajj as there were no better travel facilities these days. Most people used to perform Hajj by ships. Most religious scholars and scholars also cite the Hadith, which means that if a plague outbreak occurs in an area, Muslims should be avoided there. And as the Coronavirus outbreak spreads across the world this year, Saudi Arabia imposes a curfew these days it’s currently the wake of the government’s decision no longer to perform Hajj this year or responsibility in this area because it is the spread of the disease should not travel to other areas from there.

How much Corona Virus Affected Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia has killed 119 people with the Cod19 virus. The Saudi government has also restricted worship and pilgrimage to Bait-e-Sharif. This decision was made by a virus. The cases of the Coronavirus are increasing in Saudi Arabia. It is expected that before the day of Hajj, the pestilence will end, and Hajj will be possible, but there is still a question mark on its holding, the most terrible punishment of this century.

Why Death Number Has Exceeded:

As a result, the number of Nova Coronavirus cases has reached 9 million worldwide, and more than 50,000 have died. The number has exceeded one hundred thousand, and cases began to increase in Japan’s urban areas, Vietnam declared a nationwide pandemic situation. According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, the number of Nova Coronavirus certified patients has grown to 8, 59,696 in the world; There are 71,808 certified patients in Germany. There are 52 thousand 836 certified patients in France, 44,605 ​​in Iran, and 25 thousand 481 in the UK, while Switzerland has 16 thousand 605, Turkey 13 thousand 531, and China 82 thousand 294.

Who is most at risk for the Coronavirus Disease?

According to data from the University Systems Sciences Wing Engineering, the number of certified patients in the United States has reached 1,888,172, killing 3,873 people in the country. The next two weeks are very painful, and the United States must prepare for the fact that 1 million US citizens will be killed due to the Novel Coronavirus. ۔ Historically, these outbreaks are not the first time in the world that many infections have spread rapidly from animals to humans over the past 50 years. The symptoms of each infection are different. Humans have always been sick due to animals. In fact, most new infections come from wildlife. Recently, it was found that the respiratory distress virus came to humans from bats through sarcous mud, while the bats gave us the Ebola virus.

Symptoms of Corona Virus:

Symptoms of this disease have difficulty breathing. Patients are cautioned against another virus called Zika, which causes joint pain and skin itching in the symptoms of the disease. The patient can recover faster because the chances of dying after infection are only 20% with timely treatment. The disease can be controlled by a dangerous virus called Ebola called terrorism. It can also be said that it has significant symptoms of weakness and fever.

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