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    10 beauty rules to always look perfect

    Rule 1. Drink a glass of water every morning Leave a glass of water on the bedside table or pedestal. Woke up – and immediately to the glass. And only then you can start water procedures (do not forget about the ice) and breakfast. One glass of water on an empty stomach does magic! You start the body, restore […]

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    6 Best Gold Nail Designs

    We distinguish gold and silver from all other colors present in the entire universe, but by checking the originality, gold is also known as part of a group of yellow flowers, which is actually a much more polished version of yellow and which was formed by alloying many others flowers. Gold Nail Art Designs is a […]

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    Beauty cheat sheet: how to remove eyelash extensions?

    Eyelash extensions – a salon procedure that should be performed by professionals; This is the guarantee of the best result. Removal in extreme cases can be done at home – in the event that a new image with magnificent eyelashes did not live up to your expectations or, for example, if the master did his job not […]

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    How to round cheeks with makeup?

    There are girls who do not need to achieve the visual effect of sunken cheeks and sharply defined cheekbones with makeup – all this is given to them by nature. But sometimes it does not cause enthusiasm, since in some cases it does not look noble, but painful. To achieve harmony with yourself and visually correct what […]

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    How to change the shape of eyebrows?


    Such a beauty trend, such as an emphasis on eyebrows, cannot be completely ignored. But to follow it, sometimes you have to not just tint your eyebrows a little more than usual, but completely change their natural shape. If you are ready for this, approach the matter wisely: it is important that the form you want to […]